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Hope Through Cancer Pt. 2 Cancer Can’t:  Rob me of my joy  Keep me from learning  Keep me from being loved  Keep me from growing  Keep me from encouraging others  Keep me from laughing  Keep me from claiming God’s promises  Keep me from praising God for what I stil Product Details
Hunting for the Meaning of Life The time spent in a “deer stand,” waiting for that first deer provides, for many of us, a break from our busy lifestyles, and gives us the time to figure out all of the problems of the day…to just sit and think about life in general. For some of us, ther Product Details
Living Organized “It is no secret that opposites very often attract, so it is frequently true that organized and tidy people are married to unorganized and messy people. There can be many reasons for this. In reality when the messy one is allowed to continue being messy Product Details
HE IS RISEN - EASTER PROGRAM Few find it difficult to believe that a baby named Jesus was born over two thousand years ago in Bethlehem of Judea. They even believe that he grew up, gathered a group of disciples, performed miracles of healing, raised people from the dead, and eventua Product Details
Destination Success Part 1 “While I was training to become a pilot my instructor made sure I learned how to correct for adverse winds that can easily force a plane off course or produce hazardous landings. I also learned that before departing for a certain destination, I needed to Product Details
Front Porch Parenting Q My four year old is starting to ask questions about sex, Where do I start? A Begin where your child left off: For example, a usual first question is, “Where did I come from?” You can approach the answer to this or other basic questions about sex in tw Product Details
Making Sense When Life Doesn't Part II Life surprises us—beats us up and confuses us. We think we’ve figured out the way to navigate through problems so we can drive freely down the road of contentment. That’s when we hid another IB – inevitable bump – those unexpected and usually unwanted s Product Details
For Parents Only A primary responsibility of parents is to provide a safe and nurturing environment for their children. Elizabeth Barrett Browning wrote, “Do you hear the children weeping, O my brothers, ere the sorrow comes with years? They are weeping in the playtime of Product Details
Every Man's Battle  1 out of every 10 men attending church is dealing with some type of sexual addiction  37% of pastors struggle with online pornography  It is estimated that by 2003, net surfers could spend up to $3 billion dollars accessing adult Internet sites.  Product Details
The Anxiety Cure Early stages of a panic anxiety disorder are warning signals. If you heed these warning signals, you should be able to overcome your anxiety. If you ignore these warnings, you run the risk of causing more suffering than you are bargaining for. You coul Product Details
Be The One - God's Plan To Change Your Future and the Nation! As I meditated on what I wanted to share with you as America celebrates its 236th year of freedom and independence, my thoughts began to settle on the eternal God and how we and our nation have been part of His plan from past eternity. I do not believe i Product Details
Living Fully in the Shadow of Death “What are you to do when grief breaks your heart? You are to admit your heart is broken and accommodate it by grieving. To many it will come as a shock that I, a Christian Counselor, would encourage you to give in to your emotions of grief when a loved Product Details
Seeing in the Dark We recently received a phone call from a Time for Hope viewer thanking us for doing a show on depression. The caller went on to relate that she had suffered with a deep clinical depression for years, but was enjoying better days with professional help an Product Details
Heart Hunger Whether you’re single, happily or unhappily married, divorced or widowed, you have longings – longings for love, intimacy, and companionship. The Lord Jesus Christ stands ready to fulfill your greatest hungers. Only when you go the distance with Him, gro Product Details
Ready To Win Over Worry And Anxiety Worry, a more common word for anxiety, begins with our thoughts - with what we tell ourselves regarding our safety and well-being. Self-protection is ingrained within our very nature, so when we are threatened, our minds, emotions and bodies go into surv Product Details
Lemonade Laughter and Laid Back Joy Psychologist Jeffrey Goldstein of Temple University lists laughter as a contributor to longevity. Some of Goldstein’s research has shown that laughter can reduce stress, hypertension, depression, heart attacks and strokes. Many of us are familiar with t Product Details
Stupid About Men Too often women don’t understand the men they are in relationship with – especially those who use, abuse or in some other way take advantage of them. The kind of man that comes to my mind when I think of using and abusing is the angry man. In their book Product Details
Saying It So He'll Listen It can often be heard expressed within a group of women: “Men just don’t seem to get it.” And for sure many wives feel, that no matter how hard they try, their husbands either can’t or don’t want to understand what they keep trying to tell them. A poll Product Details
Finding Our Way Home Part 2 “As I began to write this commentary related to the topic of home, I thought of the thousands of people left homeless by Hurricane Katrina as she made her entry into American history. The devastation she left behind has been predicted to be the worst nat Product Details
Raising Faithful Kids These are effective guidelines for raising successful, godly children. But remember that each child is unique and what works for one child, may not work for another. 1. Parental Unity Molding our children into responsible, unselfish adults is difficult Product Details

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