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Kingdom Promises One of the definitions Webster’s dictionary gives related to a kingdom is: “The realm in which God’s will is fulfilled.” Another one is: “An area or sphere in which one holds a prominent position.” These two definitions can easily be adapted to the King Product Details
Couples Helping Couples Many married couples are hungering for encouragement, guidance and wisdom for their marriage relationships. This is where a mentoring couple can be used by the Lord to share the wisdom gained from their years of marital experiences. Such a couple can pl Product Details
Making Things Right When Things Go Wrong “A broken heart is a grieving heart. We have heard the expression that he or she died of a broken heart. Can this be true? Yes, researchers have learned that grief-related disorders can range all the way from mild distress and depression to major illne Product Details
What Do You Think Of Me? Why Do I Care? There are several false beliefs that drive us in our attempts to please those around us. Allow me to name some of them (1) If I try hard enough I can please everybody. (2) Pleasing others will make them like or value me as a person. (3) As a Christian Product Details
Couple Conversation: The Art of Creating Intimacy We have all witnessed it a few times. The bride and groom each taking a candle and lighting the unity candle – symbolizing they are becoming one. While they are going through the motions of formalizing and publicly declaring their covenant and commitmen Product Details
Breaking Anxiety's Grip A tendency toward anxiety disorder runs in families. Nevertheless, early treatment of anxiety disorder can often stop its progression. Some people find the greatest relief from anxiety symptoms when they take certain prescription medications coupled wit Product Details
What husbands and Wives Aren't Telling Each Other ”Effective communication requires first of all that you learn to listen to your mate so that you really hear what they want you to know about them, their thoughts, desires and feelings. You can practice and model effective listening skills with such stat Product Details
The Hope-Filled Marriage Part 2 Experts agree that no one can assume they are immune to an extra marital affair. As a professional counselor, I encourage people to face the reality they could, under certain circumstances, become very vulnerable to committing adultery. Most people don’t Product Details
I'm Beautiful? Why Can't I See It? Anorexia is a complex psychological and physical disorder that can have a variety of causes including genetics, unrealistic parental expectations, low self-esteem and peer and social pressure. In many ways, including tv ads and teen magazines, society se Product Details
The Emotionally Destructive Marriage Pt 2 Possible Consequences When Your Husband Is Destructive 1. End A Conversation – When he becomes verbally aggressive, walk way and remind him you will not allow yourself to be talked to that way. 2. Refuse To Drive Anywhere Together – If he has been known Product Details
Jump Starting Your Marriage When faced with someone who is angry, irrational and beyond the realm of logic, silence is often the most powerful response. As in Jesus’ example, Peter encouraged women to win their wayward husbands “without a word” by their quiet and respectful behavio Product Details
Thrill- When Normal Is Not Enough What comes to your mind with the word thrill? Another question I could ask you is “What does it take to thrill you?” And finally, I ask, “What happens after the thrill of a thrilling experience is gone? Too often, we search for something else that will Product Details
Choosing to Change “Weight, diet, calories, exercise. These are all familiar topics of conversation for many of us today. For all of us, food holds a major place in our daily lives and social gatherings. Couple this with the emphasis we place on the size and shape of our Product Details
A Father for Our Father Missing and most wanted picture posters will usually get our attention. These two situations can provoke strong emotions of sympathy for the missing and fear related to the most wanted. The same thing could be said and millions of pictures could b Product Details
Starving: A Personal Journal Through Anorexia Anorexia is a complex psychological and physical disorder that can have a variety of causes including genetics, unrealistic parental expectations, low self-esteem, and pressure from peers and society. In many ways, including TV ads and teen magazines, so Product Details
Your Money God's Way - Overcoming The 7 Money Myths That Keep Ch It has been estimated that almost half of all American families spend more than they earn. This means that the money has to come from somewhere other than their own resources, and this spells going in debt. Perhaps you don’t think of charging something Product Details
The Great Work of the Gospel We don’t hear as much about sin, being lost and salvation today as we did through the middle of the last century. I can remember when great evangelists, like spiritual giants, roamed the land in “revival meetings.” Being in one of their tents or brush arb Product Details
Evidence for Jesus Part 2 The issue of the resurrection confronts each of us with the question of whether or not Jesus was the Son of God as He claimed He was. If He were not the son of God then we are forced to believe that His disciples were able to steal His body and hide it a Product Details
Aftershock: Help, Hope and Healing in the Wake of Suicide “Suicide has been a topic of philosophical meditation, a legal and moral dilemma, and the climax of many great works of drama and fiction. It has been exalted as an honorable sacrifice and condemned as a mortal sin. Choosing to kill oneself has been co Product Details
You are Your Father's Daughter Fathers should approve and affirm the development of their daughter’s physical strength.  Affirm Her Strength - A father who affirms his daughter’s physical strength fosters her acceptance of her body as it is. This is important in a culture that Product Details

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