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Moving From Broken To Beautiful – Through Grief

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About the Author

Yvonne Ortega survived and thrived after breast cancer, divorce, and multiple family losses including the loss of her only child. Her passion is to help others move from broken to beautiful despite their losses. She is the author of Moving from Broken to Beautiful® through Forgiveness, Moving from Broken to Beautiful: 9 Life Lessons to Help Move You Forward, and Finding Hope for Your Journey through Breast Cancer. Yvonne is a Licensed Professional Counselor and a professional speaker who speaks at seminars, workshops, and retreats.



Grief is a natural and normal process. You are not losing your mind even if you feel that way. You are on the emotional roller coaster of grief, and like the other rides, it will eventually stop. You may feel angry with God, with the deceased, and with yourself. You may feel sad one minute and guilty the next. Ms. Ortega assures you that you will get through the gut-wrenching pain of grief.
Moving from Broken to Beautiful® through Grief is an interactive book from beginning to end. You are not a passive reader of someone else’s process through grief. Instead you are an active participant working through your own grief. With honesty, transparency, and gentleness, Yvonne offers you practical suggestions to get through the emotional roller coaster and the physical turmoil of grief. She admits the journey from broken to beautiful is long, painful, and not a linear one. Without hesitation, she brings to light both the struggles and the joy of moving from broken to beautiful through grief.
Yvonne helps you move forward with the awareness that you will have setbacks. With encouragement and support, she will show you how to pick up the pieces and build a beautiful new normal—a bittersweet victory indeed as you sense God’s power, passion, and purpose for your new life. And you can still honor your deceased loved one.

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